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The Coquille River Lighthouse in Bandon, Oregon is a beautiful little lighthouse that is no longer in use. It is very photogenic and often photographed from the ground, but in this image a drone was used.
Gorse Bloom
Gorse is one of the most invasive species, and was brought from Ireland to Oregon over a hundred years ago. However when it blooms, the striking yellow color is absolutely beautiful. This photo shows Face Rock in the background.
An oddly shaped sea stack that looks like a wizard's hat is one of my favorite rocks to photograph in Bandon, Oregon.
Magical Lighthouse
The evening I took this photo of the little lighthouse in Bandon, the light was just magical.
Crystal Pier at Sunset
Aerial drone shot of Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach, San Diego. I loved how the city was bathed in the golden sunlight!
Ocean Beach Pier
Aerial of the funny-shaped famous Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego. In the background, you can see downtown peeking through.
Houses on the Bluff
Prime Real Estate on the bluff in Bandon overlook the Pacific Ocean. Long exposure blue hour shot.
Center Rock
One of the beautiful sunsets in Bandon, Oregon.
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